😒 the more I read shit, the more I feel like Karrueche is flawed.

it’s lthat innocent little “down for my man because I just love him sooooo much” image that I’m just not buying.


like, even on keke’s show when she started crying it was just like… 😒

Yes!!!! Man she gave me every fake vibe there was

I don’t know whatttt it is but she just comes off as.. trying too hard almost. idk. it stresses me out cause I want to like her so bad but I just can’t do it 😂

Anonymous asked:

I remembered one time you said you don't have to have like the same people in order to be friends with one another. And I agree like my friend is friends with this girl that don't like but im not going to let it ruin our friendship. This may sound weird but you think you can write a post about that? You have great writing to why. I feel like society thinks we all have to like the same people and things in order to be/remain friends or cool with another. I feel that shouldn't always be the case.

I mean, I think there’s times when one friend should come above another if it’s clearly detrimental to the relationship. but I don’t think you can just feel some type of way because someone is friends with someone you’re not necessarily fond of.

Anonymous asked:

Girls everywhere around the world go through this where they have a man who cheats but still stick with him because they're attached and want things to work. What do you say about them? Are they only in it for fame and money too? It's common for a girl to not want to call it quits on a long relationship even if problems arise so it's unfair to say Karrueche is only in it for fame just because her man is a celebrity. Like damn, is it hard to believe she's in love? Maybe stupid in love but still

… did I even say she was in it for money & fame? lol. you’re making your own assumptions, hunty

Anonymous asked:

Oh because it's completely abnormal for a girl to be so in love with a guy and put up with different things to be with him*sarcasm*. I'm not saying she makes the best decisions but I hate how y'all act like what she's doing isn't common. A LOT of girls stick with dudes and think they can change them, etc. So why when she does it, she's "fake" or "only with him for fame". Celebs have feelings and can get attached just like regular people, you didn't know that?

… Karrueche tran is not a celebrity. she’s a celebrity’s girlfriend.

& yeah, okay. females do that. but females don’t usually profit off of it.

I don’t like Karrueche.
so sue me.
my blog, my opinion.
so suck a dick


girls, who were bullied most of their life and gain confidence at one point, should be feared most because they dont take anyone’s shit no longer and they will destroy you if you think otherwise