Do you still talk to your exes or their families??


So can I see your feet if I get you a pedi? I can do it myself

NO. shut up holy shit leave my feet alone.


I understand why kids get addicted to pills or commit suicide once they’re off of it.

I Took an antidepressant the other day & I felt amazing. I couldn’t think negative,!no matter how much I tried it was like my brain was blocking all negative thoughts. I was wondering why can’t everyone feel…

I’m pretty sure that’s just the placebo effect because antidepressants don’t work that way. lol.





If a nigga just tryna fuck, and he lets you know that, how does that make you feel?

Like what if you want to fuck him too and one day he just lets it be known?

I want a perspective from knowing a guy for a few days, a few weeks, a few months, and a year.

Do you act on it? Take offense? Or do you nut up?

I’ve wanted to know this too

For science.

if i’m tryna fuck too then perhaps we can work out an arrangement lol.